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PostSubject: Air Mauritius   Air Mauritius Icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2007 3:04 am

Ashvin was leaving Mauritius and travelling on the plane for the first time and was travelling to the UK. No need to say with the excitement of his whole family with his depart "mo garson p alle Langleterre!"

His mum made sure that Ashvin's hand luggage was full of food.. Dhal Puris, zasaar (pickles), alouda, curry poulet and Vindai Orit.

When on board on his flight to the UK he sat next to an english bloke. the english bloke knew how boring the flight would be and he was trying his very best to make a conversation but had no luck. When dinner was being served on the place the hostess approached ashvin asking him if he preferred vegetarian or chicken meal. Ashvin said its ok he has his own food.

Ashvin took out his dhal puri carri poulet and vindai orit and of course with the zassar. The english bloke found his opportunity to make his conversation and said "what is that your eating there?"

Ashvin replies "bread Mauritius" (Dhal Puri) and "what is that?" the english man says. "Zis is carry chicken mauritius and carry orit mauritius".

"Ah I c" says the english bloke.

"And wat is this pink drink?" says the english bloke.

"ah this is drink mauritius ALOUDA"

"hmm looks nice" says the english bloke.

After a couple of hours ashvin releases some silent gas from his rear. And the english bloke smells sumthing really weird and says "my gosh what is that smell"

Ashvin hesitated and then quickly said "Hmm o this is AIR MAURITIUS!
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Air Mauritius
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