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 Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring Powerpack + 64BIT x86_64

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PostSubject: Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring Powerpack + 64BIT x86_64   Thu Oct 04, 2007 10:22 am

Mandriva Linux 2007 SPRING Powerpack+ 32BIT (x86) (2DVD)
Mandriva Linux 2007 SPRING powerpack plus

Collaborative tools
* O3Spaces, a Web workplace environment for collaboration and document management, a real alternative to Microsoft® Office® Sharepoint.
* eGroupWare is a great challenger of Outlook®, offering many features such as calendar, addressbook, contact manager, IMAP client, InfoLog, ProjectManager, knowledge base,workflow engine...

Business solutions
Phone your clients and suppliers all over the world with very low and competitive prices with WengoPhone.

TinyERP and SugarCRM which will help manage your marketing campaigns, leads, share sales data, create relevant dashboards...

Administrator tools
* Web server - Apache;
* Directory - OpenLDAP;
* Proxy Server - Squid;
* Mail server - Sendmail & Postfix;
* Printer server - Cups;
* Samba;
* Network monitoring - Nagios

* DVDs 32 & 64 bits
* "Mastering Mandriva Linux" manual (PDF format)
* Mandriva Club trial account: 2 month Gold level!
* Mandriva Expert : web support 3 months

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Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring Powerpack + 64BIT x86_64
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