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 Why Mauritians Can't be Terrorists

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Why Mauritians Can't be Terrorists Empty
PostSubject: Why Mauritians Can't be Terrorists   Why Mauritians Can't be Terrorists Icon_minitimeWed Oct 03, 2007 11:40 am

1. We are always late; we would have missed all 4 flights

2. Pretty girls on the plane would distract us

3. We would talk loudly and bring attention to ourselves.

4. With food and drinks on the plane, we would forget why we're there

5. We talk with our hands; therefore we would have to put our weapons down

6. We would ALL want to fly the plane

7. We would argue and start a fight in the plane over which football team is better (Man Utd or Liverpool)

8. We can't keep a secret; we would have told everyone a week before doing it

9. We would have put our island's flag on the windshield

10. We would all have fallen over each other to be in the photograph being taken by one of the hostages
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Why Mauritians Can't be Terrorists
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